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A suitable case for the mobile cigar aficionado?

Since starting to enjoy smoking cigars, Cuban and non Cubans, I quickly moved past being happy to sit in the garden chugging away, and what better way to enjoy a smoke, than alongside other cigar lovers.

The only problem is, getting your expensive sticks there in one piece.

I have a couple of travel humidors, but in truth, none are particularly aesthetically pleasing on the eye, to the budding cigar guru.

I had a look at the Peter James cases as an option, quite expensive for what they were, watched some you tube reviews, and was even lucky enough to see one in the "flesh" whilst at a local B&M.  It was very impressive I have to say.

Whilst about to make the impulsive purchase direct from the US of A, I came across what to me, looked like a pretty good alternative, The Puro Prestige Hemingway Travel Case.

Now, for my tastes, this case looks so much more pleasing to me eye, I just love the mottled Ostrich style leather finish.

As you can see from the above image, the case also includes what is essentially a quite large, travel humidor built into one side.  This is made of wood, Spanish Cedar and actually smells terrific.

It also comes with a heavy duty, gold plated cigar rest, seen in the above image sat on the door of the built in wooden case.

There are two small pouches, which can accommodate lighters, cutters etc and slots for credit cards etc.

Overall I really like this case, the looks, the practicality of it, the only thing that worries me, is damaging it.  For something that looks so nice, it would be a disaster to rip it, break the zip or any other nightmare that might happen after one or two too many glasses of rum.  That said, it certainly seems durable enough so far, and I use it each time I take any cigars out of the house. 

With it only holding four sticks, up to a large Corona Gorda size by the way, I usually end up taking an extra case also, often my H.Upmann Travel Humidor, which I intend to write my musings on at a later time, which to a degree negates the utility of the Puro Prestige. 

However, the practicality of the case is not an issue for me personally.  The case, in my opinion, looks incredible, and I would have no hesitation in suggesting it as an excellent British option.

The case can be purchased directly from along with a selection of other quality accessories.  I might add, that customer service from the company is also excellent.

There are a couple more images below to whet your appetites if this is your thing.


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